COVID19 Preparedness

Due to the rapid spreading of the COVID19 causes the accelerating number of contracted individuals in the society, Nava Nakorn Public Company Limited, the acting body of Pathumthani and NakhonRatchasima industrial zones, have been following the situation closely and would like to inform our clients who operating in the industrial zone as follows

  1. Although the state of emergency is declared, all manufacturing facilities in every industries shell proceed to operate as normal.
  2. Facilities operating in the industrial zone should formulate an action plan to proceed in the case of the spreading of the COVID19 similar to an action plan that was exercised in Wuhan, China
  3. A 24hr. operational team with authorization to handle the problem at hand quickly and effectively
  4. Optimize employee work schedule to allow the essential personnel to operate in shifts and the non-essential personnel to work from home.
  5. Employer shell provide meals and necessary items to create boundary limit of the employees.
  6. Isolate and quarantine the infected individual/group and maintain employment status and compensation
  7. Penalize policy and procedure for non-reporting infected individual
  8. Prepare adequate protection gears such as masks and disinfectant for all employees in daily operation
  9. Monitor and record health condition and traveling history of all employees
  10. Avoid public transport and use the company’s shuttle service
    • Prior to boarding, body temperature and health condition must be screen
    • Disinfectant must be provided to the passengers
    • Utilize sanitizer hourly
    • Employ social distancing in the shuttle service where only half occupancy is filled
    • Avoid meeting, seminar, and gathering
    • Take body temperature at least twice daily
    • Record all employee entrance-exit with body temperature
    • Ban eating in groups at the cafeteria
    • Clean and disinfect working and public areas
    • Improve ventilation and airflow of the working and public areas
    • In the case of infection, 1 day shutdown of the facility for disinfecting and proceed with the 14 days quarantine of the infected and associates

These recommendations are the key to minimize the spreading of the COVID19 virus and therefore cooperation from all parties are critical. For the best result however, these measures must be adopt appropriately with little to no interference to the business operation of the organization.